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Facts about the Benefits and Risks of Masturbation

Not a few people do masturbation to reach orgasm when the couple is not nearby. Masturbation can also be one way to train yourself to control orgasm. However, many believe that masturbation can have dangerous effects, such as blindness and tuberculosis. To find out the truth, consider the following explanation. Usually masturbation is done by touching, rubbing, or massaging the penis (in men) or clitoris (in women). In men, this activity ends with ejaculation or discharge from the genitals called semen. In this fluid there are sperm cells. When reaching orgasm, women can also release fluid from their sex organs, but this is less common. Facts about Masturbation Here are some facts about masturbation based on commonly asked questions: 1. Is masturbation an abnormal activity? Medically speaking, masturbation is not an abnormal behavior. Masturbation is only considered dangerous if it disturbs your sexual relations with your partner, or creates a tendency to want to do it in publ
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Have a Natural Beautiful Smile with Dental Veneer

Dental veneer is one of the solutions to improve the appearance of teeth, thus making a smile naturally beautiful and facial appearance becomes more attractive. However, not all dental problems can be fixed with veneers. Veneer is an artificial layer of porcelain (porcelain) or a special composite material that is placed on the front of the teeth, to improve the appearance of the color, shape, or size of teeth. Dental veneers with porcelain and composite materials have their respective advantages. Porcelain veneers are more resistant to exposure to materials that can leave stains or stains on teeth. However, working on porcelain veneers is more complicated than composite veneers, and cannot be done in one visit. Why Choose Dental Veneer? Treatment with veneers to improve the appearance of teeth is chosen because of the durability and end result that looks like natural teeth. The following are some of the advantages of dental veneers compared to other dental treatments: The desir

How to treat stubborn water lice and prevent them from coming back

When the rainy season comes, it is not uncommon for the feet to get damp because the roads are muddy and the water gets in between the shoes. These conditions can increase the risk of water fleas. Get to know how to treat water fleas so that they no longer interfere with your appearance and daily activities. Water lice is a condition in which white membranes arise between the toes which are usually caused by skin fungus. Moist or warm feet are a favorite location for mushrooms to grow. That is why the risk of water fleas increases in the rainy season. If you get water lice, you will feel itching and pain between your toes. Infected skin also becomes chapped and peeling. Various Ways to Treat Water Fleas Water fleas that perch on your feet will certainly interfere with activities due to itching and discomfort caused. There are a number of ways you can treat stubborn water lice, from soaking your feet to using certain medications. If your condition is still mild, usually to treat